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MAXXIS 90/100-16 M7305 51M TT Maxxcross IT Tyre

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A unique knob and groove tread design offers exceptional and precise handling through intermediate conditions
Fits: Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha

Tried and test over many years the original Maxxcross pairing of M7034 front and M7305 rear continues to deliver a reliable IT pairing for MX riders across the UK.

With 5 green lane, street legal E-Marked sizes the Maxxcross is a perfect choice to take your bike away from the MX track.

Unique knob and groove tread design offers exceptional and precise handling through intermediate conditions
Combination of M7304 front with M7305 rear offers uncompromised straight line and cornering balance
EAN: 4717784501482

Manufacturer Part No. (MPN): ETM30012000
Barcode (EAN): 4717784501482
Weight (Est.): 3997g (4.00kg)
Commodity Code: 40114000 | Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): TW
Supersedes: 2760342

Rim 16
Width 90
Aspect 100
Load Rate 51
Pattern M7305 Intermediate
Speed M
Terrain Intermediate
Use: Motocross

Compatible with 131 models (yearly).

CR80 RB1, CR80 RB2, CR80 RBT, CR80 RBV, CR80 RBW, CR80 RBX, CR80 RBY, CRF100 F4, CRF100 F5, CRF100 F6, CRF100 F7, CRF100 F8, CRF100 F9, CRF100 FA, CRF100 FB, CRF100 FC, CRF100 FD, CRF150 R3, CRF150 R4, CRF150 R5, CRF150 R6, CRF150 R7, CRF150 R8, CRF150 R9, CRF150 RA, CRF150 RB, CRF150 RC, CRF150 RD, CRF150 RE, CRF150 RF, CRF150 RG

KLX 125A1, KLX 125A2, KLX 125A3, KLX 125A6F, KLX 125B1, KLX 125B2, KLX 125B3, KLX 125B6F, KLX 125CAF, KLX 125CBF, KLX 125CCF, KLX 125CDF, KLX 125CEF, KLX 125CFF, KLX 125CGF

SX 85 17 14 Wheels, SX 85 19 16 Wheels

DRZ 125, DRZ 125 K LK3, DRZ 125 K LK4, DRZ 125 K LK5, DRZ 125 K LK6, DRZ 125 K LK7, DRZ 125 K LK8, DRZ 125 K LK9, DRZ 125LL0, DRZ 125LL1, DRZ 125LL2, DRZ 125LL3, DRZ 125LL4, DRZ 125LL5, DRZ 125LL7, DRZ 125LL8, DRZ 125LL9

TTR 125 big wheel, TTR 125 LE LW, TTR 125LEY, TTR 125LWE, TTR 125 LWX LWEX, YZ 80H, YZ 80K, YZ 80L, YZ 80M, YZ 80N, YZ 80P, YZ 80R, YZ 85A, YZ 85B, YZ 85D, YZ 85E, YZ 85F, YZ 85G, YZ 85H, YZ 85J, YZ 85K, YZ 85L, YZ 85M, YZ 85P, YZ 85R, YZ 85S, YZ 85T, YZ 85V, YZ 85W, YZ 85X, YZ 85Y, YZ 85Z

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