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Oxford Beast Anchor Lock

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Some say that size doesn't matter. When it comes to locks, chains and anchors it matters! The Oxford BEAST is so big it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING - HEAVY!

With the Beast Lock and Chain being so big and strong you need something beastly to anchor it down. The Beast Anchor is an extra strong bolt-down anchor. Double layered in strength and with a hardened steel construction, it really does live up to its name. Weighing in at a whopping 4kg it can be fitted to concrete floors and or concrete/brick walls.

This Beast lock/chain/anchor has undergone rigorous independent testing and has Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond. There is no higher Sold Secure accolade



  • Resists angle grinder attack
  • Double layered strength with a hardened steel construction
  • 22mm Beast chain compatible, fits all Oxford chain and locks
  • Weighs 4KG
  • Independently tested - Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond
  • Anti-tamper fittings
  • All fittings and instructions included
  • Secured by Design

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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Muy recomendable 2 he comprado

    Muy muy robustos pesados y buen tamaño viene con tacos las bolitas y unos tapones hacen qué una vez lo fijes ya no lo saques más, Si complicas bien y mucho al amigo de lo ajeno, con un poco de cuidado con los tochos qué vienen q te coja bien el tornillo, con un par me costó pero al final quedaron seguros, muy recomdable compre dos finalmente uno para cada rueda,acompañado buena cadena y candado o lo quitan con una radial y les costará mucho o picando el suelo. Alquile un taladro hilti por el tamaño de la broca una 16 para los tochos.

  • 5

    Very built solid

    Amazed at how sturdy and heavy it is combined with beast chain and lock solid protection for your motorcycle and add security

  • 5

    Hassle Free

    Happy with product if they can get through this they can have it lol