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Oxford OX200 Motorcycle Motorbike Assault Pro Off-Road MX Goggle-Glossy Black

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Oxford high specification Assault Pro Goggles are available in a range of different colours. There are numerous lens options and a large number of accessories available.

Key Features

  • Strong, flexible TPU frame
  • Ergonomic triple foam layers for maximum comfort
  • Scratch resistant anti-fog lens
  • UV protection
  • Woven elastomer strap with silicone reinforcements
  • Comes with microfibre carry pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth
  • Oxford Assault Pro Goggles come with a clear tear off and roll-off ready lens
  • Available frame colours: glossy black, matt black, glossy white and orange

Replacement Lenses

  • 6 lens options
  • All lenses are scratch resistant and tear-off/roll-off ready
  • Colours: Clear, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Silver
  • Also available: Roll-off and tear off packs

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